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Free, Wholesome Video Games for Kids

June 16, 2020 | By

Kids love videogames, but how do parents steer them to games that are fun, don't expose kids to inappropriate content, and, as a bonus, are free? We decided to go right to the source and ask a 12-year-old Catholic for a rundown on some favorite games. -- Editor

Can you find free, clean, online video games for your children? Yes, indeed. Included in this article are eight free and fun games to try for the kids in your family, ages 8-15.

First, there’s Awesome Tanks 2, a fun game where the player’s tank has to take over enemy territory, and destroy all the other tanks. The tanks can change guns, and with every kill, players earn game money to unlock and upgrade more.

Shell Shockers is another very popular game. Players are an egg with a gun (yes, really!), and go through different areas, shooting other eggs, to get points. With enough points, players can buy new hats, stickers, and gun upgrades. Also, I advise going to settings to disable the chat, so older kids can’t add colorful language to this section.

Remember the story of the Three Little Pigs? Well, in the game Iron Snout, kids are pigs in a forest where they use karate to defend themselves from wolves. Players can also change to a city background, where the pigs fight wolves with urban implements of destruction.

Also, there’s 2, an interactive game played with others. In this game,  players are paper, trying to gain more territory on the screen. Yes, it is a lot more fun than it sounds. Check it out! The bigger the paper gets, the higher up on the leaderboard players rise.

Another fun game is Raft Wars Multiplayer, where kids can launch projectiles from their raft to  knock off players from enemy rafts. They can launch grenades, rockets and balls to do their dirty deeds and also upgrade rafts to better beat their opponents.

Stickman Hook is a game where kids swing from lines to finish each level, unlocking new upgrades as they go. With every level players complete, they earn points to upgrade to a new, cooler skin or outfit.

In Gold Digger FRVR, kids can mine for valuables underground and buy equipment at the shop which helps  improve their game: better digging tools, bombs, helmets and other helpful tools. It rocks!

Like 2, there’s, where players start as a small snake trying to kill other snakes. With every kill, players eat glowing orbs and increase in size and ability to deal destruction.

Interested? Most of these games can be found at Poki, but also sites like Cool Math Games, and Gamesgames.  Also, for kids ages 4-7, fun games can be found at Lego, or at PBS Kids. Enjoy!

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