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Mar 3, 2021
| by | D. Sariego

Free Video Games For Kids, Part II

Need to entertain the kids and not break the bank? We turned to a 13-year-old for inside info on how do it ...

Since the start of COVID-19, many kids are stuck at home. Because of this, the demand for video games has gone higher among young people, and parents are wondering if there are wholesome, free video-game options for their kids. The answer is “Yes.” See below. is a fun survival game on a 2-D map where kids' helicopters fly around destroying other helicopters for points, upgrading to higher levels and unlocking cooler guns. Players can choose to start off between different types of helicopters: armored, sniper, fast gun, or tri-gun. In this fun and popular game, kids can power up to the perfect helicopter and move up on the leaderboard. is like, but there are more upgrades to power up your profile tank when battling enemies. From blasting squares and triangles to blowing up enemy players, this game is full of tanker fun!

Killstreak is just like the popular one Shell Shockers, but there are more options and ways to play. Out of ammo? Use the baton. Tired of regular grenades? Try a molotov cocktail. This shooting game is perfect for kids who’ve mastered Shell Shockers and want to try something different.

Bullet Force is a fun multiplayer shooting game, one a bit faster-paced than others. In this one, players are given a machine gun and a handgun sidearm, one grenade and their wits to survive and use their ammo sparingly; once they run out it’s gone until they respawn. From running from enemy troops to chucking grenades, this game’s a blast.

Love archery? Avoid Dying is a simple yet highly addictive game where players have to nail a (sometimes moving) target and avoid dying. If they miss, their arrows will pierce the rope behind the target and drop a sharp-pointed booby trap on them, crushing the archer. Players will raise their scores and make new records as they avoid dying.

Since many people are on the go now, they don’t have time to play games on their computer and relax. Because of this, here is a list of great game apps to install for free on phones or iPads:

Minion Rush is a fun and fast running game from the Despicable Me movies. Minions go on runs to avoid obstacles and power up to complete missions. Players can choose different costumes and abilities per minion and defect villains and complete their tasks.

Fruit Ninja is a classic. As fruits fly up in the air, players will slash them in half to get points and unlock cooler swords and backgrounds. But watch they have to watch out for bombs; one wrong slice and the game ends. Kids break new records by getting better and faster every round.

Homescapes is a game where a man returns to his dilapidated childhood home with his parents, he renovates it with players' help. After completing puzzle games, they can buy new furniture and other supplies needed and can choose the home's new look. It’s a fun game kids don't want to miss!

Last, but definitely not least is Among Us, the exciting and suspenseful mystery assassin game where crewmates on a spaceship have to complete tasks onboard the shuttle. Here’s the catch: one of the crewmates is an imposter and will kill others and sabotage the ship unless the players figure out who it is and vote to eliminate the crewperson. Kids manage the suspense as they complete their tasks and stay alive. Download this game now while it’s Among Us and track down the imposter.

Go get some gaming fun!

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