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Disney+'s 'Loki': A 13-Year-Old Reviews the New Marvel Series

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The interrogation room is dark and populated by a man with greasy black hair and a mischievous grin, and his interrogator. The two men sit at a small table: Agent Mobius and Loki -- the Norse god (or actually alien) of mischief, played by Tom Hiddleston -- in the opener of the Disney+'s new Marvel series Loki. Mobius, in a brown suit, asked Loki, “Do you enjoy hurting people?”

Marvel Studios’ new Loki series, which premiered June 9, picks up after the movie Avengers: Endgame concludes. In that film, the Avengers make a “time heist” back to New York after the “Battle of New York,” which happened in the first Avengers movie.

This time travel in Loki changes what happened in that Avengers film. Loki gets hold of the tesseract, a blue cube that holds the Space Stone, one of the many powerful Infinity Stones that control aspects of the Universe.

From there, Loki escapes to Mongolia. Suddenly, armed soldiers walk through a portal and declare the god of mischief under arrest for crimes against “the sacred timeline.”

They take Loki to the “TVA," the Time Variance Authority organization. This world exists out of time and space. Loki gets to see what his future would have been if he had not stolen the tesseract.

When shown all the evil deeds he has done, his interrogator, Agent Mobius (Owen Wilson), asks him why he did them and if he enjoys this?

Loki has an answer, but you’ll have to watch the episode to find it out. He is given a chance to prove he is not entirely evil and to help track down a fugitive Variant (what the TVA calls disruptors of “the sacred timeline”), who has been killing TVA’s soldiers.

Marvel Studios’ Loki is rated TV-14, though the first episode is definitely fine for kids a few years younger, in terms of violence, in my opinion.

How the rest of the episodes will be rating-wise, will be determined as they are released. Will there be other heroes known to the MCU in this TV show? Probably not. None have been cast so far and the show does not seem like there will be opportunities for another hero.

Most Marvel superhero movies and the new TV shows have had more than just one hero in them. For example, in Ant-Man, the Falcon made a short appearance. In Thor: Ragnarök we saw Bruce Banner as the Incredible Hulk.

 Is this new TV show worth seeing? So far, the answer is definitely “Yes.” Although the theme of the show might change a bit or things might not look so good for our god of mischief, rest assured the show will captivate you; it is full of adventure.

There is a rumor spreading on the internet that there might be a female Loki in this series at some point. This is unconfirmed and may not be true at all, but it is just something fans should know.

EDITOR'S NOTE: There are also published hints that issues of Loki's sexuality might be part of the show in some way, but we're not sure how or how much.

Click here for a piece from Vanity Fair that has all we know so far, which is pretty much just speculation on aspects of Loki's buddy-cop sort of relationship with the Mobius character.

From the Vanity Fair article: 

Head writer Michael Waldron has described theirs as a love relationship, though not a romantic one.

To this point, Marvel movies and TV shows have been vastly lighter on sexual content than the comics, so we'll see.

With six episodes, each one promises to be enthralling so far. Episodes will come out every Wednesday from June 9th until July 14th.

Take a peek:


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