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'Catholic Central' Is There for Homebound Parents and Kids

, | March 17, 2020 | By

Regular life may have been put on hiatus for the COVID-19 virus, but Catholic Central ensures that Catholic parents can continue their children's faith education at home -- and have fun at same time.

In episodes of ten minutes or less --- and some mini-episodes on topics like holiday traditions -- Catholic Central uses wit, special effects, animation and a dizzying array of costumes and wigs to convey Church history. For example, in the image that accompanies this post, our hosts Kai and Libby are dressed to look like TV-sports commentators for an episode called The Mass (a k a Sunday Morning Liturgy), which imagines what play-by-play commentary for a Sunday Mass might sound like.

The episodes also present theological concepts in a clear, understandable and entertaining way. Experts have also thoroughly vetted the information presented for accuracy.

And it's all for free!

Take a look at our most recent episode, featuring, as always, our gifted young hosts Kaiser Johnson (Unplanned, Stranger Things) and Libby Slater:


The episodes -- produced in the Family Theater Productions' studio on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood -- are available on their own YouTube channel. But, if you visit the individual episode pages at, there are also Going Deeper questions and pertinent links, along downloadable resources and activities.

Catholic Central is geared for middle-schoolers to young adults -- although we know some parents who share the show with their grade-school kids (and more than a few young-at-heart adults who are also fans). We've heard from plenty of teachers -- from CCD to RCIA -- how useful the show has been at capturing the attention and imagination of their students.

Family Theater Productions has also recently launched a Spanish-language version called Lente CatólicoYou can read all about that here.

This might be the perfect time to binge Catholic Central!

While you're at it, make sure to follow Catholic Central on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where we provide even more content and inspiration.

Oh, and we did an episode on Easter traditions!

Image: Family Theater Productions

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