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3 for the Fourth: 'Lincoln,' 'Patton,' the Pony Express and FIREWORKS!

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Most of us are probably thinking about fireworks and cookouts right about now. But perhaps we should remember that it’s called, “Independence Day,” and not merely, “the 4th of July,” as we often call it.

While there aren’t really a ton of family-friendly viewing options available to stream that are about America’s founding itself, there are quite a few good options that have to do with other parts of our nation’s history.

(Last year, we highlighted "John Adams," "1776" and "Last of the Mohicans" -- click here for that)

So if you’re interested in celebrating the day our country declared independence with a little patriotic viewing in addition to your outdoor festivities, here are three options available to stream right now that can get you and your family in the American spirit.

Lincoln (2012)

I actually saw this film in the theater when it first came out, and it takes a lot of hype and excitement to get me to spend $12 on a ticket. This particular movie did not disappoint.

Starring Daniel Day-Lewis as a conflicted Abraham Lincoln trying to get Congress to pass the amendment that would end slavery, this 2.5 hour war movie is a little intense at times. Steven Spielberg directed the film, which was nominated for several Oscars (winning two), so you can bet it never bores.

While some of the war images (and some language) might be too much for younger viewers, it’s free of sexual content and gratuitous violence.

Lincoln is currently available to stream on Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Google Play and Netflix.

Patton (1970)

For a more old-school style movie about America’s past wars, check out the 1970 film "Patton," which is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video, iTunes and Google Play. Nearly three hours long, this winner of seven Oscars takes a look at the monumental personage of American General George S. Patton (George C. Scott) and the role he played in World War II.

The film is rated PG, but keep in mind that the PG of 1970 looks a bit different than today’s PG-rated movie. The film has a fair amount of realistic war violence, as well as some language.

Spirit of the Pony Express (2012)

Take a look back at an interesting point in American history, the precursor of our modern mail system, the Pony Express.

This G-rated documentary features a look at the actual trail that Pony Express riders used from California to Missouri as they delivered mail, and it discusses just why the Pony Express was so important during its short time of operation in the mid-1800s. It also has some pretty cool-looking reenactments, and plenty of horsies if your kids are as into them as mine are.

"Spirit of the Pony Express" is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

BONUS -- Ambient Fireworks!

In case you can’t get out to watch some spectacular fire works tomorrow night, never fear, because YouTube has 10 hours of fireworks you can put on your TV. And the best part about these fireworks is that you can control the volume yourself!

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