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Women’s History Month is a time of reflection and admiration, not only for the generations that have gone before us, but also for contemporary role models.

Starting the first weekend, join in a month-long festival of films, with suggested pacing throughout March. Each of these true stories exemplifies the strength, resilience, and positive contributions of women.

March 5-10 Hidden Figures (2016)

PG | Narrative Feature

Coming from Houston, a k a “Space City,” stories about NASA are close to my heart. This film shares the impact of three incredible women and their integral role in the early success of the U.S. space program. Starring Taraji P. Jensen, Octavia Spencer, Janelle Monae, Kirsten Dunst, Kevin Costner and Jim Parsons.

How to watch: Google Play, iTunes, Microsoft, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, YouTube


March 11-16 The House That Rob Built (2021)

NR- Dove approved for all ages | Documentary Feature

This latest release from Family Theater Productions champions how far women can go in life when they are both believed in and given the opportunity to participate and succeed. Get inspired by the stories of these women from small towns, ranches, and reservations, and the coach who brought them all under one roof  -- Dahlberg Arena at the University of Montana!

How to watch: Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Microsoft, Fandango, Vimeo, Vudu


March 17-21 Soul Surfer (2011)

PG | Narrative Feature

Starring AnnaSofia Robb, Helen Hunt, Dennis Quaid, Kevin Sorbo, and Carrie Underwood. Faith in Christ and familial support are crucial to the perseverance of an extraordinary surfing legend after she loses her arm in a shark attack. N.B. Forward through minutes 22-29 if you feel it’s best to skip the intense shark attack and immediate hospital aftermath.

How to watch: Netflix, Hulu, Google Play, iTunes, Microsoft, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, YouTube


March 22-26 The Empowerment Project: Ordinary Women Doing Extraordinary Things (2014)

PG | Documentary Feature

Join an all-female film crew as they travel across the United States interviewing and heralding empowered women, from stay-at-home mothers, to ballerinas, astronauts, and many, many more! This award-winning documentary is a positive, uplifting ray of light that challenges the audience with the question, “What would you do if you weren’t afraid to fail?”

How to watch: Tubi, Google Play, IMDbTV, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, YouTube


March 27-31 The Gabby Douglas Story (2014)

TV-NR | Narrative Feature

She’s more than the reigning winner of The Masked Dancer, she’s one of the most decorated champions in American history! Witness the faith-filled life story of U. S. Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas. The movie features Imani Hakim and Sydney Mikayla as Gabby, and Academy Award winner Regina King, as her mother, Natalie.

How to watch: Google Play, Microsoft, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, YouTube


Enjoy them at home with your loved ones this March! After viewing, please do your own research on the often amazing, sometimes astonishing, real lives of the women portrayed in these films (and others like them). Happy viewing!

Image: Adobe Stock

Anne Yancey is an Assistant to Feature Producers at Family Theater Productions, with 17 years’ experience as a professional theater educator.

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