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'Father Brown' Season 11: Relationships Evolve (and Murders Happen)

| January 26, 2024 | By

In the long-running series 'Father Brown,' the title character (Mark Williams), an English priest, saves souls while solving crimes in the bucolic Cotswolds.

Where to Watch Father Brown

The new Season 11 began streaming on January 23, 2024, on BritBox with the first two episodes, followed weekly by a new episode. There are 10 episodes total.

(The first 10 seasons are also available to rent/buy on AppleTV+, Google Play, and Vudu. Season 11 will eventually land at those places, and on participating PBS stations.)

According to, “The important things don't change, like Father Brown's family-friendly atmosphere and cozy crime trappings. In fact, the series' popularity has only grown over the decade, with Season 11 promising to be some of the highest-rated adventures the priest and his friends have had for the BBC and BritBox yet.”

Father Brown was originally the creation of Catholic writer G.K. Chesterton, but the BBC-produced series has taken on a distinct identity of its own.

Father Brown and Sister Boniface

Sister Boniface (Lorna Watson) – star of her own BritBox series, Sister Boniface Mysteries -- returns to Kembleford with some bottles of wine from St. Vincent’s Convent.

This wine was meant for a celebration, however it turns out to be something else, when Sister Boniface is the prime suspect in the murder of a famous artist. Was it her wine that killed him?

With his insight and her technological expertise, Father Brown and Sister Boniface put their heads together to find the true killer. Their teamwork once again proves worthy of any police team, to the chagrin of Chief Inspector Sullivan (Tom Chambers).

In an article from What to Watch, Watson said, “It was so lovely! There’s a great scene where we’re cycling down a country lane in the Cotswolds with our habits flapping about!” What a memorable scene!

During this episode, Sister Boniface faces a personal dilemma and seeks Father Brown's advice.

Sister Boniface Mysteries season 3 streams later this year.

Father Brown and Mrs. Devine

Widowed Mrs. Devine (Claudie Blakley) continues to be the right-hand assistant for Father Brown at St. Mary’s. She's also part of the crime-fighting trio led by Father Brown, which now includes young Brenda Palmer (Ruby-May Martinwood) who joined the cast last season.

The relationship between Mrs. Devine and Father Brown is more like brother/sister as their closeness grows over the season.

Although Mrs. Devine hopes to hide the fact that she and Inspector Sullivan (Tom Chambers) are seeing each other privately, Father Brown and Ruby know her secret. After all, when you are in love, it’s hard to hide it.

With soft nudges throughout the season, Father Brown helps the relationship grow.

Father Brown and Brenda Palmer

Brenda is supposed to be Father Brown’s housekeeper, however she is more like his niece and provides valuable insight into their murder cases.

Brenda’s life has not been easy, having been sent away as a child to live with an older man during the war, like many children were. This story plays out during one episode of the season when Father Brown helps her to get closure on that chapter of her life -- and unsurprisingly, there's also a murder.

Father Brown and Chief Inspector Sullivan

To his annoyance, Chief Inspector Sullivan must deal with Father Brown and his two sidekicks regularly. They are always around when a murder has occurred.

Even though Sergeant Goodfellow (John Burton) sees the help Father Brown gives to all the investigations, Sullivan has, until now, been miffed by his well-meaning muscling in. At times, he's even abrupt with the Father.

This season, however, they form a more manageable relationship. This collaboration between them is endearing, to say the least.

Mrs. Devine and Chief Inspector Sullivan

As mentioned above, there is love brewing between Mrs. Devine and Chief Inspector Sullivan. Throughout the season, they have some ups and downs, but, in the end, true love wins out.

Sullivan must now forge a relationship with Mrs. Devine's son Eddie, who appears in two episodes.

Final Note

Fans of the show will enjoy the brief returns of Lady Felicia and master criminal Flambeau.

In an article in Reformed Journal, Laura de Jong wrote, “Father Brown does many things. He solves crimes, he attends parties, he cycles from one end of the village to the other, and, presumably, at some point in the week he writes a homily. But whatever he’s doing, he is bearing the presence of a faithful God in that moment.”

She also wrote, "But I’m also encouraged –- and inspired –- by this fictional priest. Above all, you get the sense that Father Brown is at home in God. That he, himself, experiences the presence of a faithful God."

In an article from What to Watch, Mark Williams said, "It’s an honour to be returning to Father Brown for an eleventh series of warmth, drama and humour, as well as sleuthing with my partners in crime solving. It's also always a treat to film in the beautiful Cotswolds.”

There doesn't seem to be a trailer for Season 11 available, but here's a peek at the show, when it first landed on BritBox (and click here for a Season 10 interview with Mark Williams):


Image: (L-R) Ruby-May Martinwood, John Burton, Mark Williams, Claudie Blakley, Tom Chambers/PHOTO: BBC/Britbox

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