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AppleTV+s 'Camp Snoopy': Join the Peanuts Gang for Summer Fun

| June 13, 2024 | By

It’s summertime, and for the Peanuts kids, that means Camp Snoopy, premiering June 14 on AppleTV+.

Here's how AppleTV+ describes it:

After discovering their troop is in danger of disbanding, Snoopy and the Beagle Scouts set off to immerse themselves in nature and the Great Outdoors to earn their badges, with the Beagle Scout Manual as their guide. Meanwhile, Charlie Brown and friends enjoy their summer at Camp Spring Lake, crossing paths with Snoopy as they experience hiking, swimming, sitting around campfires and everything summer camp and the outdoors have to offer.

Charlie Brown and his friends are returning for new adventures in the great outdoors.

However, this is Sally’s first time going to camp. Should she take her doll or stuffed bear? Decisions, decisions. As her big brother says, take them both. That was a wise decision, as Sally needs some comfort to stave off her homesickness.

Along the way, the rest of the Peanuts gang learns many life lessons.

Inside Camp Snoopy

The series is filled with plenty of laughs, difficult times, enduring friendships, and a lot of fun for everyone. Each of the 13 episodes in the series is divided into vignettes, and the episodes combine the achievements of the Beagle Scouts with the experiences of the Peanuts gang.

Lucy appoints herself junior camp counselor; Schroeder wants to compose a new camp song; Charlie Brown vies to be the new camp mascot; and Linus has anxiety about his beloved blanket.

More entertaining antics from these adorable kids blend to make this a cute series for the entire family. Besides the fun of the series, there are many lessons to take away from watching the kids and the scouts as they enjoy their summer together.


As everyone discovers, teamwork is the key to getting things done. The gang pulls together to enjoy the activities. The Beagle Scouts also learn that working together helps achieve their goals.


When Sally gets homesick and doesn’t see the benefits of summer camp, she meets Naomi, who feels the exact same way. The two become best friends and spend the summer playing together. Naomi has been a minor character in the Peanuts stories, having first appeared in 1998. She lives in Needles, California. But, how does Sally cope when she realizes her new pal will go home at summer's end?


All the campers, including the Beagle Scouts, enjoy the great outdoors and Mother Nature, even Marcie, who is reluctant to go in a canoe on the lake. Why can’t they stay on dry land? But after a few minutes she sees the fun and finally enjoys rowing together with her best buddy Peppermint Patty, with the beauty of nature surrounding them.

Facing Fears

Everyone is afraid of something, and Charlie Brown reminds them that they “shouldn’t let fear stop you from trying.” This is especially true for Peppermint Patty who, although a great swimmer, is afraid of diving. Even Snoopy pitches in to help her overcome her fears.


The entire gang realizes that sharing their things helps build friendship ... even if your friend is a beagle.

Brotherly Love

When Sally loses a tooth, she is worried the Tooth Fairy won’t be able to find her at camp. Her big brother Charlie Brown comes to the rescue and enlists the others to help. After all, a little kid really does want a visit from the Tooth Fairy.


Summer camp is full of fun and joy for everyone, even the birds, who have endured plenty of experiences to earn their scout badges and ultimately save their troop.

The summer broadens their horizons and they grow in ways they don’t even know are happening. The days are filled with plenty of activities and fun times with great friends. As Franklin says, “A true friend makes the good days better.”

Catch Camp Snoopy on AppleTV+, the exclusive streaming home for all things Peanuts since 2018. With partners WildBrain, Peanuts Worldwide and Lee Mendelson Film Productions, AppleTV+ also produces original Peanuts series and specials.


Image: AppleTV+

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