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Jan 16, 2023

5 Disney Princesses Who Inspire Virtue in the Face of Trials

These days, Disney is hit-and-miss for many parents, but in decades past, Disney princesses served as prime examples of femininity, virtue and graceful performance under pressure.

And the Disney princesses’ stories have stood the test of time for good reason. They prove that the harder you try to do the right thing, the more the enemy (or bad guys) will try their best to stop you.

But the adversity one faces as she pursues the good shouldn’t stop her from her pursuits. Instead, she should use that adversity to propel her toward conquering potential challenges.

Without further ado, here are our top five picks for Disney princesses who inspire virtue in the face of trial.


Disney’s Cinderella is the epitome of espousing patience without settling. Her story also proves that being determined to better your circumstances doesn’t mean sacrificing your femininity or charm.

Ultimately, her patience and perseverance land her the life she deserves -- one where her hard work is appreciated, and her dignity upheld.


Mulan’s willingness to fight doesn’t make her any less ladylike than the others on our list. And her quest isn’t fueled by vanity – she joins the Chinese war effort to spare her ailing father’s life- and even meets her prince charming in the process.

Mulan proves to young viewers that some women are called to the front lines and others to the homefront, and both are perfectly valid paths.

Snow White

Snow White is as transparent as she is sweet and proves that maturity is invaluable no matter where life takes you. With her love of homemaking and hosting, she shows through her friendship with the seven dwarves that, while believing the best in others is risky, it can reap high rewards.

While in exile from the evil queen, she makes the most of her situation and finds a supportive, loyal community in the seven dwarves, showing them the beauty of caring for one’s home.


The Princess and the Frog’s Tiana demonstrates magnanimity in her perseverance in working towards her professional goals and humility in accepting that love still ranks above these goals in her life plan.

Plus, she graciously shares her cooking skills and street smarts with Prince Naveen, prompting his self-development.


Last on this list is a character that fosters perpetual growth and change in her male counterpart by virtue in the face of hardship. Loved by generations, Belle of Beauty and the Beast ultimately proves that true love is an active choice to will the good of your partner.

And her integrity in placing others’ needs before hers shows viewers the benefits of a cheerful heart and self-service.


Every young girl deserves strong role models. And whether she’s a natural firecracker, a bookworm, or a future domestic goddess, the stories of the Disney princesses above prove that pursuing virtue in the face of difficulty is a formula for lifelong happiness.

Image: WONDERCON: Los Angeles Convention Center. Cosplayers and fans come out for the 2016 WonderCon comic and entertainment convention in Los Angeles. Disney Princesses.  Photo: Lauren Elisabeth/Shutterstock

Anna Livia is a Los Angeles native, Communications Specialist, and Hygge enthusiast. When she isn't writing copy or taking free digital marketing courses, you can find her at an Angeleno flea market, botanical garden, or the Rose Bowl for a three-mile walk. Her mission is to attract others to the truth, and she sees a bright future for herself in copy or technical writing for innovative corporations. 

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