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Mike Piazza Mike Sweeny and Bobby Kepple
MLB Players Mike Piazza, Mike Sweeney and Bobby Keppel


Lourdes Benedicto
Lourdes Benedicto, near the end of pregnancy, Actor, Wife and Mother, Rosary Star


Luke Vercollone
Luke Vercollone, Husband, MLS Soccer player, Rosary Star


Jeff Suppan, Husband, Father, MVP Pitcher in NLCS, Rosary Star, with Jake Alba and Fr. Willy Raymond, CSC

Betty White. Ms White received the Catholic Academy's Personal achievement Award

fr willy stan lee eduardo verastegui
Eduardo Veràstegui, Stan Lee, and Fr. Willy Raymond, CSC

Ali Landry
Ali Landry, Actress, Wife, Mother, Ms USA, Rosary Star


Chris Horn
Chris Horn, NFL Player, Coach, Husband, Father, Rosary Star


Chris Balish Father Willy Raymond and Chad Neace
Chris Balish, Rosary Star, co-host of ABC's On the Red Carpet with Father Willy Ramond, CSC and Chad Neace

Matthew Gallant
Matt Gallant (seated), Television Host, The Planet's Funniest Animals on Animal Planet, Make a Wish Foundation host, Rosary Star, Red Sox Fan.

Alejandro Monteverde, Writer, Director, Producer of Award winning film Bella, husband and father, Rosary Star

Immaculée Ilibagiza, Survivor of Rwandan Genocide, Rosary Bowl Witness speaker, Rosary Star

David Henri
Actor David Henri (Wizards of Waverly Place) and his brother Lorenzo Henri with their parents

Father Willy Raymond and Gary Sinese
Father Willy Raymond, CSC and actor and singer Gary Sinise

jason and angela castro fr willy
Actor and Rosary Star J. Omar Castro and his wife Angela with Fr. Willy Raymond, CSC

Father David Guffey Roma Downey and Father Willy Raymond
Father David Guffey, CSC and Father Willy Raymond, CSC with actress and producer, Roma Downey

matt and nadeen marsden
Matthew Marsden (Husband, Father, Singer, Actor, Blackhawk Down, Rambo, Transformers 2, Rosary Star) and his wife Nadeen

Justin Fatica
Justin Fatica, Lay Catholic Evangelist, Husband, Father, Founder of "Hard as Nails Ministries" and Rosary Star

Christina Romero
Christina Romero, Actor, Notre Dame Alumna, Rosary Star with Production crew of Rosary Stars


michael and janeen damianMichael Damian (actor, singer, producer, director) and his wife Janeen Damian (writer, producer)


Maria Vargo and Mother HartMaria Vargo (actress, singer) with Mother Dolores Hart