Voz Latina Radio

Since 1997, Voz Latina has captured the passion, struggle, texture and color of Hispanic American living and delivered it to millions of listeners worldwide.

Current programs

Sabor A Vida
Sabor A Vida

Dramatic half-hour programs for the radio, focusing on young Latino families with anthologies that capture the passion, struggle, texture and color of Hispanic Americans.

Supremonos En Familia
Superémonos en Familia

An assortment of 196 engaging and humorous 60-second PSA spots with messages to build Latino culture and pride, especially in relationship to Latino families.

La Historia De Quien Soy
La Historia de Quién Soy

A series of 43 dynamic and provocative episodes depicting the Cerventes family, a fictional U.S. Latino family caught in the boiling pot of conflicting cultures, with equal parts humor and tragedy.

Supremonos En Familia
Historias para Mejorar el Mundo

A collection of 37 wildly creative 24-minute plots dramatizing contemporary Latino-American themes like Immigration, Unemployment, Family Life, Domestic Violence, Health, Discrimination, Gangs, Tradition, Values, Religion, Sex and Love – All from a Latino perspective.

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